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Risk Disclosure

The purpose of the risk disclosure is to describe the risks that may occur while using the Services provided by the Company.

It is deemed high risk and speculative method of investment if you are using software with the leverage for trading. You fully realize and accept that:

  1. You acknowledge that you are at risk of suffering losses and damages, that may include loss of money, additional commissions, and expenses, as a consequence of using Software’s trading services in CFDs and other Financial Instruments. You take this risk and by using our services, are willing to undertake it.
  2. Trading in CFDs and other Financial Instruments bear a high risk and are considered as a high risk business. Obtainable leverage by trading in CFDs and other Financial Instruments can bring a large loss or a large gain even if you only made a small deposit. Every move you make while trading can lead to increased movement in value and proportionally increase or decrease it, which can help your investment or work against it. Transactions in CFDs and other Financial Instruments may be subject to coincidental liability, the likes of margining requirements and you accept that you are aware of this.
  3. Trading in CFDs and other Financial Instruments means that you are not trading on a regulated market, instead, it is over-the-counter (OTC) trading, which means that the trade happens on the outcome of the price of Underlying.
  4. Margin trading requires better care and concertation. Thus, before trading, we suggest you attentively consider your investment, overall experience in trading and risks that come with margin trading.
  5. Depending on the type of Financial Instrument you choose, you must take into consideration your financial situation and make a reasonable trade.
  6. Online trading systems carry a significant amount of risk while using the systems, that may result into software and/or hardware failure and/or internet disconnection. Mycryptowallet LTD will not be responsible for any damages incurred by using the services. The customer shall be liable for any loss or damages originating from the Client’s investment based on any suggestions and provided information.
  7. The Website may contain news, analyses and other kinds of research, which shall not be constituted as a piece of investment advice from our Company. Any loss or damages arising from investments made because of the information contained on our website, the company will not be held liable.


Any information provided by the Company shall not be considered as a promise or a guarantee that the Client will profit from any strategy set forth by the information, or that the Client will suffer any losses.

The trading on financial markets is an especially speculative and high risk investment business, which may result in loss or damages. The losses may appear as a result of investing because of conditions mentioned in the analyses.

The Company has right to make every necessary modification to the Client’s personal trading account, in case there occurs any problem in typing errors, pricing errors, quoting errors and/or entering errors when the customer is using the online trading system.

In case you do not understand the risks involved in trading in CFDs and other Financial Instruments, do not trade.

Potential profits or losses may occur because of fluctuations in currency rates, that can be influenced by political or economic events around the world or in a country the currency is associated with and traded to. Such events can drastically influence on prices and conditions of Financial Instrument.

Certain trading orders may not be executed and the Client’s account may be subject to loss or damages during extreme market conditions or technological limitations.

The software is not subject to any regulatory body and is not supervised by any other third party to ensure the financial liability of the Company for the losses or damages you may suffer during trading on the software.



RISK WARNING: Trading in Forex, CFD or other Financial Instruments is a high risk business and may result in loss of all capital, thus it may not be suitable for all. Before trading, you should not invest more than you are prepared to and you should understand the risks that are accompanied by the trading. You may decide to seek the advice outside the company, at your own risk. Please read the website’s terms and conditions for full risk disclosure.


You hereby accept that our Company will not be liable for any loss or damages included but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or damages, arising from loss of data during the use of services of this Website.

We are trying to keep the disclaimer and information on the website up to date. The Company doesn’t make any guarantees that the information about our products, services or related graphics is completed, accurate, reliable. Any implication that the information is accurate or trustworthy is made strictly at your own risk.