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to Present our New feature for Independent Traders



Company Monitoring and Security Systems

Trade your funds in secure ways thanks to our specific and advanced security systems


FX trading made simple thanks to our fund protection mechanisms, smart technologies, sophisticated platform control tools and fast trading processes relying on proven financial stability.



Our Company Monitoring Services

We offer a variety of services with regards to company monitoring; at MyCoinBanking, we take FX trading and traders seriously by performing daily and weekly checks and continuous oversight of trading operations, to ensure no mischief is in place.


Business Continuity

We plan with you through our systems of prevention and recovering the best course of action to deal with any potential threats to your company.

Risk Management

In order to identify and evaluate risks associated with FX trades, company’s and trader’s objectives, and to create viable knowledge of controlling and managing threats.

Information Security

We value and safely store information regarding the identity and the trades of all our customers. Our technology prevents any third-party or institutional meddling.

Customer Complaints

Our customer service, working 24/7 worldwide in many languages, is always ready to answer your questions and feedback regarding our platform and services provided.



Our Security Cornerstones


Funds Safety Mechanisms

Customer deposits will never be used to finance MyCoinBanking operations - they are stored securely apart from our own. Funds sharing - the practice of having a divided fund policy - means that in case the platform experiences technical failure, you will still have access to your funds: anytime, anywhere. You believe in us; we believe in you.

Financial Strength and Stability

MyCoinBanking believes in financial transparency, providing customers, partners, and affiliates with the confidence of an optimized, smart-ready and capitalized company. Our ample resources enable us to continue striving towards innovation in the FX market, and as industry leaders, we keep maintaining a client focus with an eye for innovation.


Our Security Tools


Secure Account Verification

Attach email and phone number to your account in order to fully protect it. Our platform will be tailored to your needs.

Entry History

Through our platform, you can see the login history of your account. This will enable you to detect any suspicious activity.

IP List

Create a list of IPs allowed to access your account. This will make sure any external attack or tampering is unsuccessful.

Device ID

Limit the number of devices that have access to your account: add your home computer, your smartphone or tablet. Prevent any trespass.