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Investment Protection

Investment Protection

You Are Investing in Your Prosperity Because We Teach You How to Protect Your Investments

Trade with a reliable broker which offers maximum fund protection, sophisticated trading tools, financial stability, and fast trader execution.



Any investor in the first place thinks about protecting his capital and then about his income. At MyCoinBanking we offer a balance between reasonable risks and possible income amount. 

How Can You Achieve That?

  • Hedging

Hedging is a way to protect your investments against exchange rate movements. Although there’s no 100% surest way to eliminate risks completely, the advantage of hedging strategy is that it helps to predict the loss in the known amount.

In the event when a forex pair is almost to go down in value but it tends to reverse in the nearest future, then hedging can manage short-terms losses and at the same time protect your long-term positions.


Become Our Premium or VIP Client and Learn About Three Hedging Techniques



Direct Hedging

Opening the opposition position to a current trade

Multiple Currencies Hedging

Establishing a hedge position by using

currency pairs that have positive correlation    

Currency Option Hedging

Selling put options and buying call options and vice versa.


 Protect Your Trading Portfolio


  • Diversification

Another method of protecting your trading account is diversification. This strategy involves understanding correlation principle when trading currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and so on. It’s about ensuring that your assets are not concentrated in one market and that they include multiple asset classes. 

With MyCoinBanking brokers you will learn how to diversify your trades in such a way that no market drops affect the trading account significantly.

Harness The Power of Diversification


  • Stop-Loss Trading

At our platform you can reduce a trading loss by placing a stop-loss trading order. We realize that traders can’t watch the position all the time and this is why we allow for a stop-loss trading for long as well as short positions.

    Smart Management of Your Investments



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